Exposure Statistics*

University of Texas
College of Natural Science
1 University Station G250
Austin, TX 78712
(512) 232-9278

Discovered: November 3, 2007
Records Exposed: 13
Unique Names: 13
Sensitivity: Severe
Duration: More Than One Day
Distribution: Exposed Online
Files Exposed: 1

Sensitive Information

SSNs: 13

Other Types of Exposed Information

Exam 1 Score
Exam 2 Score
Letter Grade
Parti Score
Presentation Score
Quiz 1-11 Scores
Rep-1 Score
Rep-2 Score
Rep-3 Score

University of Texas, Austin Biology Department Exposes 13 SSNs


Media Contact: Aaron Titus
(202) 681-1686

AUSTIN, Texas. On November 3rd, 2007 the Liberty Coalition discovered a file online, containing the names, social security numbers, test scores, assignment scores, and grades for 13 individuals who took Biology 331 from K. Sathasivan, Ph.D. of the College of Natural Sciences. The University took the file offline within hours of notification.

Individuals affected by this exposure should immediately visit www.nationalidwatch.org and search for their names, to confirm what types of personal information were exposed. NationalIDWatch.org has a list of recommended steps victims should take.

About NationalIDWatch.org

National ID Watch is a search engine for personal information breaches. Sponsored by the Washington, DC non-profit Liberty Coalition, NationalIDWatch.org provides more than a million free personalized Identity Exposure Reports™ as a public service.
Each Identity Exposure Report (IXR) documents what types of personal information were exposed (such as Social Security Numbers, Birth Dates, Addresses, etc.), without revealing them. Each IXR also details the situation surrounding each exposure, and contact information of those responsible for the breach. Armed with this information, victims can further investigate, take action, or correct harm.

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